Pieces for Remote Living

This project started as quick, early morning experiments. Sometimes through generative sequencing, often through copious use of effects. The idea was to get something going, and have it play out in the background during our new “remote” lives, where our domestic spaces become places of work, education, childcare, outlets of anxiety, and safe havens. Through a mix of ambient, noise, and a sprinkle of dub techno, the ten tracks here, released on consecutive weekdays in April, 2020, confront and comfort our temporary anti-physiosocial reality. listen on bandcamp

Quasi-compositions: MOTIVES

fragments of form; motifs intentional and accidental; moments of transformation; in appearance, absence; through murk, a clearing. a hybrid approach to new classical and experimental electronic. [LISTEN ON SPOTIFY] http://healthylivesmusic.net/reel/release/motives/

New Music: Simpatias

In Brazil, simpatias are small rituals used to deal with everyday life problems. Liking, sympathy, accord, harmony. — Simpatias: Ambient soundscapes inspired by devotional sounds.

Out now: Interiors

Interiors is experimental, electronic, dubby techno, fractured beats, and processed samples. It traces the last two years of my musical exploration, and hopes to capture the feeling when you are inside your own head but outside your body.

Inner Rhythms

Made last summer in upstate New York, diving into my father’s new age tape collection and looping short samples.

(mastered version now available on Simpatias)

Listening 2017

2017 was a huge musical year for me. I returned to my humble home studio and rededicated myself to making music. Here again is my annual playlist. As always, some old, some new, and some in between. Songs that inspired or meant something to me this past year. Thanks for listening. As always, I’d love to hear the songs that inspired you this year.

Listening 2016

OK, there are 190 songs here. Kind of a mega set. They are old and new that meant something to me one way or another this past year.

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