Secret Thirteen Interview – Vladislav Delay | Secret Thirteen

For an up and coming artist, I would say forget everything you have read about music making in the last ten years, forget about the gear and especially all the software made in the last ten years, don’t listen to any of the music made in the past ten years, don’t read any music blog ever again, go somewhere and isolate yourself from the civilization for a while, study music history, study art history, general history, forget everything you’ve learnt/read/studied, learn from nature as much as you can. then go make some music you actually yourself relate to and which comes from yourself.

I’m not so greatly influenced by “great art”. I’m much more influenced by “small art” or remote art of any kind. I find the museum setting and the whole “art” setting quite difficult to deal with. It’s all just too serious, so much weight on everyone’s shoulders. And again, lots of external stuff having nothing to do with the content itself. Nature creates beautiful art, that greatly influences me. I also find individuals and outcasts who actually do create art for themselves or for the surrounding or community and who do not exhibit and are not sucked into the system. They are infinitely more interesting than anything hanging on the wall of MoMA or Jay-Z’s.

Source: Secret Thirteen Interview – Vladislav Delay | Secret Thirteen