Under Hiroshi Yokoi’s direction, the St.GIGA station motto became “I’m here. — I’m glad you’re there. — We are St.GIGA.”[18][19] This is a reference[20] to Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan in which the alien life forms called harmoniums communicate using only the phrases “Here I am.” and “So glad you are.”[21] Strongly influenced by the works of Kurt Vonnegut and Kevin W. Kelley’s The Home Planet,[22] Yokoi’s original concept proposal for St.GIGA would break new ground for broadcast communication methodology.

In accordance with Yokoi’s conception, St.GIGA’s broadcasts initially followed no externally fixed (or artificial) timetable. Rather they were based upon the cyclical motif of a 24-hour “tide table”[23] where broadcast themes were approximately matched to the current tidal cycle according to the rule of twelfths throughout the 24-hour broadcasting period.[24][25][26] Under this innovative schedule, the station broadcast a variety of primarily ambient music programs including Music Tide (音楽潮流 Ongaku Chouryuu?), various jazz programs,[27][28] and Tide Table (タイド・テーブル Taido . Teburu?) (featuring live sound-broadcasts of the ocean shore). The beginnings and ends of programs were not clearly demarcated and instead utilized the unprecedented “Tide of Sound” (音の潮流 Oto no Chouryuu?) method where songs of one genre would gradually flow into and intersperse with the songs from the prior genre until the new genre became predominant.[

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