Children’s Books

I asked some women I know to recommend books from their childhood (or current experience) for our daughter. Here are the results!


Beatrix Potter
She was a unitarian/ an animal lover/ an environmentalist/ a creature of the wood

My fav was always “The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse” oh also “The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck”

There was one story about trolls under a bridge. Aesop’s Fables probably.

brer rabbit and the briar patch


Ferdinand the bull

I love umbrella, about the little girl who is going to preschool and lets go of her daddy’s hand for the first time to hold her umbrella. Independence.

And, this may be a weird one, but for some reason I loved it as a child: Higgeldy, piggeldy pop- the protagonist is a brave girl dog named jenny. It’s by Maurice Sendak. It’s a little dark, but I really loved it.


Ramona! and all things Beverly Cleary

Cam Jansen! 

Those are both probably for later chapter book times.

I remember loving the book The Snowy Day – and I thought it was a little girl, but I guess it’s a boy. Whoops!

I loved Amelia Bedelia books – but in retrospect I’m not sure she’s the best female role model since she’s a scatterbrained maid…

Some of these I read, some I didn’t but they are all classics – Pippi Longstockings, Charlotte’s Web, Harriet the Spy, Matilda, Sarah Plan and Tall, Bridge to Terabithia, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Island of the Blue Dolphin, The Secret Garden

For some reason I was obsessed with Arthur too, but he’s not a girl. He’s an aardvark.

Also Common Sense is a good resource for kids’ media reviews:


Wow, this is so much fun! I really think you guys covered all my favorites already but in case you’re investing in her young adult self, I have to say Anne of Green Gables is one of the best of all time. I think I read the whole series at least 3 times through. I know you’ve got plenty of years before this stage, but they’re nice to have around… And Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, A Wrinkle in Time…

Ferdinand is one of the most poignant books of all time. I’m getting weepy just thinking about it.

And Babaar–not a girl but Celeste is pretty awesome!

Also, my four-year-old niece is completely obsessed with Firestar. It’s pretty badass and kind of inappropriate at the same time ;(


I was also really into Ramona Quimby, Age 8! I’ll add:

Amazing Grace, a story about a girl loves acting out stories and confident in her abilities.
Really Rosie, which is more music and videos, but still so lovely. I loved this when I was in elementary school and played Rosie in our school play! PLUS, Carole King!? C’mon!
The Magic School Bus was always really fun for me, and Ms Frizzle is a true style icon.

Lastly, is it too early for Our Bodies Ourselves? Ok, definitely (maybe?), but I’ve got tons of recommendations forchildhood sexual development and other such what’s going on with my body issues.


Where did I come from? And what’s happening to me?


Olivia is always a big hit:

All books by Mo Willems:

I loved this book as a child: People, by Peter Spier

Anything by Eric Carle:

This book is totally goofy and absurd, all children I have given his books to have loved them. I discovered him at the comic book store on Bergen Street: Dragon Puncher

Of course, Harold and the Purple Crayon: