Listening 2015

109 songs old and new that meant something to me one way or another this past year.

highlights and particulars:

Sparse, ambient, and experimental. Not getting banged on the head with music meant a lot to me this year.


Choral and vocal tracks, along the same lines.


Contemporary and experimental classical, in large part influenced by the amazing Meet the Composer postcast from q2 music.


Loopy, instrumental/electronic tunes in a Reich-ian or jazzy-not-too-jazzy vein.


“Minimal Sweetspot” techno/house/electronic/whateveryoucallit


weird-ass, amazing, do-they-play-this-in-the-club?! stuff that makes me feel about one year away from being aged out of this genre.


pop. yep, those two bieber songs are amazing. shot out to no effects show pod, keeping me .01% relevant.



New stuff that kinda sounds like old stuff. Spotify’s Discovery is, well, kind of great.



Holy shit it’s that Common song! (And other trainspotting moments.)

(see sax solo shortly after 1:30)


Best sunny day blues tunes this side of Taj Mahal’s ‘Queen Bee’


Severely scattered and underrepresented old highlife/disco funk



Old jazz tunes


And more slow jams to close it out.


Happy 2016, folks.