Listening 2017

2017 was a huge musical year for me. I returned to my humble home studio and rededicated myself to making music. Here again is my annual playlist. As always, some old, some new, and some in between. Songs that inspired or meant something to me this past year. Thanks for listening. As always, I’d love to hear the songs that inspired you this year.

(Here’s the 2016 list.) (Here’s the 2015 list.)

Listening List, 2017

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Further down the ambient / new music / experimental rabbit hole

O Moses

Arps and Arps and Arps

Yaeji / Kraiji

Pop Life

80s Sound

Old Italian Baggage

Emotional / Devotional

Sing Softly and Slowly

Dan Deacon goes to the ballet

Bonus! Non-spotify livin’ inspirations from bandcamp and youtube:


Emily Sprague


Filthy Blue

El Choop